Frequently asked questions

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Who is the Course for?

Our course is for those who don’t know a single word of Spanish or possibly just know the cliche words such as ‘Hola’ or ‘Como vas?’ If you are already an A1 level student or above in Spanish, this course may seem quite basic for your language level. 

How long does it take to get the basics?

Normally it would take between 3-6 weeks to acquire the basics.

Shall I become fluent in Spanish by the end of this course?

By the end of this course you will become familiar with some of the basic Spanish language patterns and vocabulary and will be able to recognize them in a conversation with a native speaker. 

Is all voice content in your course slowly-spoken?

The characters in our course prounounce clearly and near to their normal pace, however they talk slowly enough for every student to understand.

Is it hard to understand what you teach?

The course is structured from simple to difficult, so the more you learn the less efforts you spend. The further away, the greater the result. We packed the course with catchy and unforgettable videos, to ensure you remember the skills in the most effective and stress-free way, even after completion. Each scene is accompanied by translations and notes to aid your understanding, except where understanding is obvious from the context or previous scenes.