Start training with our language learning framework 

exclusively designed to help you focus on remembering useful Spanish language clichés in the easiest way possible.

The key features 


 You will be learning just the most useful spoken language models 


Scenes are designed easy and comfortable to remember


To start the course no previous knowledge of Spanish is required  

Our method

combines voice and video to ensure effective and stress-free language learning. We selected the conversation topics meaningful to most language learners.

1.What is the course like?

The first 2 units of the Spanish beginners’ course is an ideal starting point. It contains 38 video clips,  2.5-5 min each,  more than 120 minutes of native spanish voices and a catchy video content for better language acquisition.  

It comprises of a set of videos showing a simple life story in progress. Inside you’ll discover a handful of characters and their action packed lives with scene-by-scene translations, verbal conjugations, examples of the uses and excercises to complete.

2.Translations, comments & side stories

The course is packed with catchy and unforgettable videos, to ensure you remember the skills you’ve learned, even after completion.

Each scene is accompanied by translations and notes to aid your understanding, except where understanding is obvious from the context or previous scenes.

The side stories are here to help your understanding. 


We’ve deliberately removed rarely used verbal forms to help you along with your learning as a beginner so it’s easy to keep up and get the basics perfect.

At this beginners’ level we haven’t included complicated grammar notes or linguistic descriptions. Instead your efforts are focused on remembering as much as you can about the spoken Spanish items.

2.How to learn? Just follow these simple  guidelines

Your first steps are carefully developed by the structure of the video clips.

First, don’t think you are learning.

Just watch the scenes one by one as many times as you need to understand and remember the content. 

Complete excercises at your own pace. 

You may also accelerate or slow the speed and try to reproduce everything you’ve heard trying not to take a look at the  subtitles.

What shall I find out if I complete this course?

The course is intended for absolute beginners. After having completed the first two units you will be able to:

Understand some basic models of the spoken Spanish language 

recognize them when talking to a native speaker

 chat on day-to-day topics

communicate in a restaurant

talk in a hotel

conjugate most usefull spanish  verbs  

know how to better learn Spanish yourself every day

Join us! It will only take a minute